Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seasonal Fun in Room 102

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Thank You!

  Let me thank all of you for the wonderful gifts you gave me
 … and for the gift that each of you is in my life!

Have a wonderful break and I will see you in 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The End of Semester Winter Celebration!

Norfolk Middle School marked the end of the first semester with a winter celebration in the school gymnasium.  Students faced off in a series of games against each other.  Room 102 rallied for the back-to-back push up competition.
Over 70 students at the assembly walked away with a treat. Prizes were given out by drawing names from a hat. It was a perfect way to end the semester and to reward all the hard work students put in over the last few months to make the semester as successful as it was!

Back in the classroom EVERY student received a prize. Javier distributed the scented pencils from the PTA. Fun was had by all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parent Post

This generation of students is more likely to be armed with cell phones, laptops, and iPods than with spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils. Kids are high tech. They like electronics -- it's speaking their language.
Education is changing. Today Room 102 questioned a typical school day in the life of parents. We're curious about  your best memories of a school day. Was there technology?  Favorite book?  What could you tell us about your school memories?
Thanks for commenting!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Recycling Contest 2011

Green Fiber is hosting a paper recycling competition between schools:
Students are encouraged to bring recyclable newspaper and paper products to school. (No corrugated cardboard items from home, please.)
There will be 3 winners:
1st Place: $100 cash
2nd Place: $75 cash
3rd Place: $50 cash
Contest Ends December 16th. This is the final week!  Room 102 has made a haul each week. Please continue to help us in our recycling efforts! It'd be great for Norfolk Middle School to "bag" that winning prize!X

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Shoeboxes Arrive in Zambia

Two shoeboxes were packed in October.

Dear Room 102,
Thank you for participating in The Journey of a Shoebox and for choosing to follow your box.
Your gift boxes went to Zambia. Forty-five percent of Zambia’s 13.4 million people are 14-years-old or younger. Thank you for reaching out to children in need.

Operation Christmas Child              

Can you imagine our shoeboxes delivered by elephant?  Amazing!

These kids are hanging out with their shoeboxes . . . and smiles!

To learn more about our project click here and read the original post.X

Friday, December 2, 2011

December Book It

Book It motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments. Pizza Hut is proud of all Book It readers!  The restaurant congratulates every student for meeting the monthly reading goal and rewards them with a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.
During December Room 102 is reading through seasonal books to meet a Book It goal. 
Pizza and winter break - -that's a fun combo!

Happy Reading!