Students learn to master their math facts, study math theory, and apply math skills in word problems using Saxon Math curriculum.

The following links are PDF copies of lessons.
Lessons 1 - 10
Lessons 11 - 20 
Lessons 21 - 30 
Lessons 31 - 40 
Lessons 41 - 50 
Lessons 51 - 60 
Lessons 61 - 70 
Lessons 71 - 80 
Lessons 81 - 90
Lessons 91 - 100 
Lessons 101 - 120 

Need an answer sheet?  Click this link: 
Saxon Math Answer Sheet 

Additional Practice

NMS has added IXL for our students. IXL is a math software program. Since IXL is web-based, your student can access the program from your home computer. Whether your child needs some extra practice, or just something fun and educational to work on, IXL can help them improve their math skills. I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful educational opportunity for your child.  
Home Login Information 
Go to
Students have a username and password. 
Becoming good at math takes a significant amount of practice. When practice is fun, students are more likely to spend the time mastering necessary math skills. 
Let's do some math! 

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