Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Shelebration

Nearly a dozen years after his death, Shel Silverstein once again hit the shelves with a new book of poems titled Every Thing On It.  Shel's family went through his notebooks to put together this collection of poetry.  WOW! That should communicate to students the importance of a writer's notebook.X

I am a huge fan of Shel, so I stood in line at Hastings Book Store to purchase the book. Actually, I was the line. At midnight, I was the first and only person in Norfolk to own the new book. 
We shelebrated in the classroom with  a party. X

Plus students are experimenting with their own poetry immitating Shel's style. He makes use of rhyme, stanzas, irony, and nonsense words. 
There are some awesome poets in Room 102. Read our entire collection of poems on the bulletin board outside Room 102.


Click the Shel Silverstein icon to visit his site for children. Do not skip the intro. It's a whole lot of clever.

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