Friday, March 8, 2013

Limerick Leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 will soon be upon us and Room 102 is beginning the season with limericks, a style of poetry popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century. Limericks aren't Irish, but there is a Limerick county in Ireland where limericks gain fame. These nonsensensical poems are a fun way for students to celebrate the season.  
A clever song about how to write limericks, sung in limericks,  guides students through the steps of writing a great limerick.  Students went to computer lab to word process their original poems in Google Docs.            

Simple "how to" directions guide students through the fun of assembling their limerick leprechauns.

Teri over at  A Cupcake for the Teacher designed this clever leprechaun pattern. Woo Hoo for the seasonal fun and a big thanks sent to her.

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