Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer is Ending

It's that time of year when my thoughts turn to a classroom that's been packed away for the summer. Preparation is under way for the new school year. After three years in Room 102, I am moving two doors west to Room 100. Supplies have been sorted and transported effortlessly. 
I am now a teacher who has the opportunity and the fun of creating the learning landscape for a group of students where the reading and writing inside these four walls will be engaging. It's a BIG job! 
These guys showed up today to help. They're not here to paint, but they will help us Brush Up On Reading! There is a bulletin board waiting for them.
There's a vision of what this room will become. Students will transform this room into a place filled with their learning and their work.  Over time Room 100 will take shape with student work, student interests, student conversations, and student lives. 
August 15th the doors open for a new class of fantastic fifth grade students. Please click here and read the school's newletter. It's filled with information.
I am super excited to meet each of these kiddos. The adventure is about to begin.

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