Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Word for 2014

 Over the winter break I read about a project titled One Word
One Word is a movement. "It's all about forgetting resolutions and scrapping a list of goals that are easily forgotten. Instead One Word asks participants to choose just one word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live. One word that is the focus every day, all year long."
I really thought it would be interesting to involve students in the One Word project. After much discussion on the new year and this project, students were challenged to choose a word.
The words ranged from silly and fun to quite thought-provoking.
Flip books were created to record each student's word. The hope is students will discover the big impact one word can make.  

Could this one word become the compass that directs decisions and guides steps?   
You may read more about the One Word project by clicking here. 
Happy 2014! 


  1. Awesome!! My OLW is Focus! I start grad school next week and I need to get focused for the rest of the year!! Do you have a copy of the foldable in your TpT store?

    1. Great word. If you drop me your email, I will send the template.

    2. I love this! We go back to school next week and would love to have my students work on this activity. If possible, can you send me the template? Thanks so much!
      Fifth Grade Wit and

    3. Thanks, Chelsea! Message me your email and I'll send you the template.

  2. Neat project. We just started our OLW project today too. The kids really seemed to get into this concept.
    On the Trail of Learning

  3. HI,

    This is wonderful! I am an elementary counselor looking for ideas of the new year and I absolutely love this! Is there anyway you could send the template to my email? calah.caballero@wcs.edu