Thursday, September 22, 2016

Planner Police

Room 100 has spent the first month of school getting organized. As students rotate between several classrooms, organization helps them experience success. Students are learning to maintain planners and binders daily. This task will only feel like a mammoth chore if it is neglected over a period of time. 
You may monitor your child's progress at home by checking the folders in the binder. Assignments are placed in subject folders and every student carries a folder labeled Take Home. Graded papers and school notes are placed in this folder. These graded papers may come out of the binder at night. I hope you will take time to discuss your child's work and offer encouragement.  Organization skills are worthwhile life-long skills. The goal for organization is to eliminate tardiness, forgetfulness, and lack of preparedness.   

The Planner Police make frequent visits to Room 100. Their job is to check students' planners, binders, and desks. If needed, students are ticketed and encouraged to get organized before they get the incentive treat

Today's planner police treated the entire class to donuts. It was a timely visit- right before conferences! Students were proud to show parents clean, organized desks.

We are off to a great start. It has been such fun getting to know these kiddos. Thanks for taking the time to attend parent teacher conferences with your child. Please know you are always welcome to contact me with any concerns. 

Enjoy your 3-day weekend!


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