Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Door Decorating Contest

This year's Relay for Life theme is "be a cancer hero." Middle school students were given the task to plan and implement a classroom door display based on the theme Super Hero
The rule for the door decorating contest was simple. - a snowman had to be used as the super hero. Since students haven't had a chance to get out and play in snow this year, this contest was the perfect opportunity to have some winter fun - in 70 degree weather! 
Room 102 put their heads together  - -and took off their shoes - - to create an entry for the contest.  In the midst of the project, students discovered the real purpose of the contest was to raise cancer awareness by getting involved. Room 102 learned true super heroes are the brave children who fight this disease every day. 

Leave your print.  Join the walk. Be a hero.

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