Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angry Verbs

Grammar can be fun - especially if it involves the characters in the game Angry Birds.  Students were a little too excited for this lesson. They couldn’t stop talking about every single detail of the game.

Using the lesson title, Angry Verbs, students reviewed word choice, verbs, and synonyms. Next, we discussed the use of an online thesaurusFinally, a list of 50+ synonyms was generated for the verb anger.
After teaching this lesson, these angry birds arrived in Room 102. The students were instructed to write a synonym on the bird and color it.  
Part of engaging students is finding their interests. Today I learned Angry Birds is at the top of their list.  

You too can play Angry Verbs. Check out Room 102's hall bulletin board.

Click the icon to explore the online thesaurus at home with your student.

A shout out to Cartoon Jr. for the angry bird printables.

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