Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spelling City

Our spelling program emphasizes correct spelling in everyday writing, not just for an end-of-the-week test, but for a lifetime of spelling in the real world.
Spelling ability grows over time. It grows through instruction, your child's everyday writing, and through word study on specific words. Parents can extend this teaching in the home. Prepare now for your chld's spelling experience by identifying a special place, such as a file folder or box, in which to keep the material sent home. It will be important to review any words missed on the Friday list test. Spelling words will not go away after a Friday list test. They will appear again on review/skill tests each week.
Weekly spelling lists will be posted on Spelling City. Your child can review the words and play games to reinforce the learning process. Students must log in to receive credit. Computers in the Achievment Center are always available for student use before school, after school, and during a student's study hall.
Click the icon to discover Spelling City with your child. 

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