Friday, February 1, 2013

Parent Post

This generation of students is more likely to be armed with cell phones, laptops, and iPods than with spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils. Kids are high tech. They like electronics - -it's speaking their language.  
Classroom technologies and devices have continued to evolve into some pretty cool and beneficial learning tools. Click the typewriter for a brief look at the evolution of classroom technology.

Education is changing. Room 102 is curious about a typical school day in the life of parents. Do you have a piece of technology that you remember using in the classroom? Please share in the comments. 
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  1. We used typewriters in keyboarding class. Wouldn't think of using a typewriter today : )
    Anne Rader

  2. In my day we had to hand write everything. A calulator wasn't allowed in school.
    Bill Thomsen.

  3. During my school days, I remember we were transitioning from chalkboards to dry erase whiteboards. We used 5 1/4" floppy disks, overhead projectors, and manual pencil sharpeners.
    Jennifer Jimmerson

  4. At Northern Hills elementary school we were taught to read with a book called "Fun With Dick and Jane.
    Morry Volquardsen

  5. We used mimeo graph machines to make multiple copies. It was a big drum that you put an original on and then it would spin and touch blank paper to make a copy. The copies were a purple/blue color and came out of the machine cool and damp.
    Bill Rusk

  6. when we were in school we onlyhad and pencil,paper,and calcualator.
    Nerelys Santos

  7. I used an Opaque machine to copy objects for activities and classes. you would put a picture on the screen and it would project picture in black and white on a wall. Then you could trace it!! Was great to make banners or wall art!!

    Also in Art class used a kick wheel to make pottery pieces, like vases and tea cups!!
    Mary Rohrich

  8. In fourth grade, I remember playing "Oregon Trail" on an Apple computer with a black and green pixelated screen. Before playing, a 5 1/4" floppy disk had to be inserted. So different than the games on iPads today!
    Beth Schoenherr

  9. When I was in grade school I remember we didn't have calculators. We used encyclopedias instead of google. Typewriters needed whiteout to make corrections and had carbon paper if you needed to make a copy. When I was a Senior in high school was the first computer I used and had to learn code to make it work.

    Christal McDonald

  10. When I was in grade school I remember we didn't have calculators. We used encyclopedias instead of google. we ALSO USED CHALK BOARDS

  11. I remember having overhead projectors and Super 8 film projectors, also we would have to write all of the problems down instead of calculators!

  12. When I was little we only used computers to play games like Oregon trail. They were much different with green colored screens and it was only if you had behaved very well then you got computer privileges.