Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Room 102 celebrated Earth Day with a recycling craft. Students made organic planting pots. It was an opportunity to recycle old newspapers into biodegradable pots for starting seeds.
The directions read:
“In just a few minutes you can convert a single sheet of newspaper into a plantable container.  .  .”

We discovered it took more than a “few minutes,” but we sure had fun with the folding process of origami.

Mystery seeds were planted.

After the danger of frost has passed, students may plant their seedling pots outdoors.  Simply place the pot in properly prepared soil. The newspaper pot will decompose, allowing the plant’s roots to explore the surrounding soil. Using biodegradable pots reduces transplant shock and the hassle of managing plastic pots. 
Planting flowers on Earth Day is a simple way to celebrate the environment. Several students went home and made even more seedling pots.  Others have asked for the pattern. Click the sprout and it will take you to the pattern for making organic planting pots. 
Happy Planting!

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