Monday, November 23, 2015

Feasting on Food Idioms

IDIOMS can be the most confusing part of any language. Idioms are sayings that have hidden meanings. The expressions don't mean exactly what the words say, like “cool as a cucumber” has nothing to do with food, but refers to a calm person. A number of English idioms revolve around food and names of food items.
During the month of November, students have been feasting on food idioms. 
Students tested their knowledge with our hallway display. They discovered the origins of some food idioms are a piece of cake to figure out; they just had to use their beans. Other idioms were so bizarre students went nutty trying to decipher them. The idiom meanings were written on the napkins. There are so many food idioms, we would be out to lunch if we tried to list them all, but here are a few student samples that are the cream of the crop.  

Students had a great deal of fun with idioms and we're confident no one bit off more than they could chew during this idiom lesson.
During this holiday season, I give thanks for this group of students. They truly are the icing on the cake Their pure energy and smiles make learning  fun.    
Enjoy the holiday break! 

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