Monday, March 14, 2016

March Madness

March is known as the month of brackets. In recent years, tournament style book battles have been adopted by libraries and classrooms across the country. It is a fun way to generate excitement for books and reading. 
Room 100 is hosting a literary tournament in our classroom. The books selected to compete are 16 leveled reader books in our Wonders Reading series. These titles are paired off head-to-head in a bracket battle. 

Two divisions  are represented - Nonfiction and Fiction.

Before the reading began, each student filled out a bracket using only the obvious book stats; e.g. title, genre, and book cover. Students who pick the most match-ups correctly on their bracket will win a prize.
Students are required to read each book before the scheduled vote. Student votes advance a book to the next round. 
Our bracket is creating a tremendous amount of buzz in the classroom about books. Students get very excited about seeing which book moves on to the next round.
 Which title will triumph?

Update:  The winner is . . . click here
A big thanks to Brown Bag Teacher for the fantastic post about how to pull together a tournament bracket wall display - - with freebies!

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