Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Adopt a Classroom . . . Build a Community
This year Room 102 partnered with 106 KIX radio. 
The Adopt-a-Classroom program strives to encourage high self-esteem in students and support teachers and strengthen the business community's commitment to education.
Today 106 KIX visited Room 102. These program volunteers used their personal experiences to make the curriculum practical and realistic. All three were able to share the importance of language arts skills and extra curricular activities. Thanks, KIX, for providing these students with illustrations to build self-confidence, develop skills, and find avenues of success.  
Jim Curry, news director at KIX radio, speaks to students.

DJs Abe and Billy capture students' attention. Thanks, guys, for all the fun.
I am certain students will never read the school lunch menu the same ol' way.

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