Friday, October 16, 2015


Enclosed in this post is information on a year-long project for my language arts students.  They are creating e-portfolios. 

What is an e-portfolio?

In its basic definition, an e-portfolio is a digital collection of student work. It is an online space for holding materials such as writing samples, photographs, or drawings that are representative of student work and progress. An e-portfolio emphasizes creativity and allows a student to take an active role in learning.

How will this be adapted to fit our needs?

Students will create e-portfolios using Google Sites.  This blogging tool is user friendly and students will add writing assignments, photos, videos, artwork, and projects. 

Who is the audience for the e-Portfolio?

A digital portfolio offers each student the ability to have online conversations with peers and teachers about themselves as learners. A major goal is to attract readers allowing students to understand that the world is an audience, not just their teacher. Parents can go online and read their students e-portfolio. 

When will we do this project?
We have already started! This project takes the place of several paper and pencil tasks. No academic content standards will be missing. This project and other technology will be integrated to replace older teaching methods.

Please view your student’s e-portfolio. Explore the site, ask questions, and join the fun as your student showcases a wonderful collection of writing.

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