Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One Smart Cookie

Room 102 ended their year with a creative writing assignment titled, “One Smart Cookie.” First students wrote a recipe listing both the ingredients and directions to whip up a smart cookie. 

Once the recipes were written, the chefs got cooking. It was hard to resist the tempting cookies, but the recipes and cookies are stored away to hand out in the fall to incoming fifth grade students. These new students need to know some of the ingredients listed in a recipe for success.  A few of the class favorite ingredients are study skills, pencils, textbooks, positive attitude, and learner's position. 
According to the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, a "smart cookie" is someone who is clever and intelligent. A “Smart Cookie” theme was chosen for our year-end celebration. Students in Room 102 are indeed “a batch of smart cookies.” 
A milk and cookie bar was set up for the celebration.
The entertainment was the game Minute to Win It /Face the Cookie. Using only the face muscles, contestants had to move a cookie from the forehead to the mouth.  Three students proved they were not only "Smart Cookies" but also very clever.

A shout out to Kerri and Lindsay @ teacher bits & bobs for the lesson idea and recipe template.

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