Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List

What a fantastic way to end the school year.  Room 102 was asked to create a summer bucket list.
With the whole summer stretching before them, I wanted to remind students to include math, reading, and writing skills in summer activities. Hopefully the bucket list will hang on the family fridge and spark some reminders to weave in math and literacy reinforcers during summer. 
Room 102's top vote-getters:  
1.  Storybird  I'm anxious to read your summer stories!
2.  Good Reads Summer Book List with Mrs. Full
3.  Blog with Mrs. Full
4.  Math Facts
5.  visit Aqua Venture - Norfolk's new water park 
* Remember bold, colored font is a link to take you to the site. 
Discover how to make learning a fun part of your everyday summer routine. Read more at FamilyEducation by clicking the button.

Click here for the bucket list template.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Full! I love the summer bucket list idea. I've already pinned it for next year.

    Thanks for linking up on my More Teaching Blogs page.

    The Teaching Thief