Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paper Blogs

Social software, such as a blog, is all about sharing and exchanging ideas to build new ideas and new knowledge. Room 100 is learning about blogging. Students completed a Paper Blogging Workshop. That's right! Paper Blogs! It's a clever way to introduce fifth graders to the idea of blogging and commenting.
Students studied the layout and graphics of several student blogs and brainstormed ideas for blogging. Students were given poster boards and instructed to create, decorate, and personalize their blogs. This represents customizing the appearance of blogs on hosting sites. Next, they wrote a post to share with classmates.  
Students were then allowed to post comments on blogs. The comments were written on sticky notes and attached to individual blogs. They practiced writing purposeful comments. Students were anxious to read the comments and get feedback from peers.  
This Blogging Workshop was a fun way to introduce the idea of blogging to a room full of middle school students. 
The intent now is to get students blogging on the web. Reading and writing texts online are basic skills that students need to be literate in the 21st century. Teaching with blogs engages students in both these activities.
When students write entries and comment on the entries of their peers, they are writing for an authentic audience (not just their teachers). Once a student posts an entry, others in the class can respond and offer additional perspectives. As a result, students focus on clear communication.  
We are using the multimedia blog found on our school fusion page. It is a safe and secure blog host, and students select code names. The plan is generating a great deal of excitement among student writers. Click the icon to follow student bloggers. 

Thank you Leonard Low and Karen McMillan for sharing this lesson on paper blogs.

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