Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Run Like an Egyptian

Please mark your calendar!
 Norfolk Middle School Track and Field Day is scheduled for Friday, May 1.

Students are naturally antsy at the end of the school year, and who wouldn't be?  Having a field day allows them to go outside, have some fun, and run off their natural energy. Teams have been chosen, colors assigned, and events planned.

Middle School Students Take School Spirit to the Halls 
The main rally point for school spirit during track and field week at the middle school is the hall-decorating contest. The whole idea behind the hall decorating is for students to show school spirit and get excited for track and field day. It's a way to get everyone pumped up. 

At the official opening assembly, our team captain - Davin Wortmann - drew the color gold and picked a pharaoh mascot. Each team was given the task of decorating a hall to match its mascot and color. Our students had great fun traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt and researching the Egyptian games. 

Our hall is ready for the judges. Click on the video to join our fun.

We hope you will be able to join us at the high school track when the Gold Pharaohs compete in a number of sporting events. It's a fun and entertaining afternoon for everyone.
Go Pharaohs! 

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