Monday, April 13, 2015

These Kids Rock!

The NeSA testing has begun. Fifth graders will click hundreds of bubbles during this testing season. 
To get excited or help others get jazzed about the tests, students were reminded of their hard work and encouraged, 
"You Rock!"  
The class had fun with edible rocks!  

Parents can help a child prepare for testing by doing the following:
  • Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep before a test, and make sure your child eats properly the day of a test.
  • Maintain a pleasant home environment and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Try to make the morning of the test a pleasant one. Do not add to your child’s stress.
  • Make sure your child has taken any needed medication.
  • Ensure that your child is present during testing (children generally perform better when taking tests in their groups rather than at a make-up time).
  • Get your child to school on time the day of the test. (We start testing at 8:10)
  • Wish your child good luck each morning of the test. Tell your child that he/she is special and that you believe in him/her!
  • Remind your child the test is important. Encourage him/her to do his/her best.

April Test Dates
Monday, April 13 through Thursday, April 16
Monday April 20 through Thursday, April 23

Seriously, are some rocks edible? 

I am so proud of the students and the progress they have shown this year. They will ROCK this test!

Thank you to Shannon @ Sweet Blessing Blog for sharing the "You Rock" label.

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